Charity of the Year

We are proud to announce that we are partnering with Children with Cancer UK in our 30th year of our initiative to provide twelve months of pro bono PR, strategic and communications support.

The British Lung Foundation was our Charity of Year in 2017/18 and received the same support in the form of four free projects which delivered a drumbeat of national and regional coverage throughout the year, in support of their key objectives, such as the formation of the first Task Force for Lung Health in the UK.

Bespoke PR Strategy 2018

Children with Cancer UK

Children with Cancer UK launched a new campaign this month, which focuses on one of the biggest milestones in a child’s cancer treatment – the moment they can ring the End of Treatment Bell, signifying that they are ready to get on with life. The campaign is accompanied by a re-brand and a new logo to celebrate the charity’s 30th anniversary, which 72Point will support with targeted news generation and media distribution as their first project with the charity.

72Point is a top 20 consumer agency that provides unique creative and unrivalled distribution for some of the UK’s biggest charities such as Oxfam, Blue Cross, British Heart Foundation and Dogs Trust. Chris Pharo, Managing Director said: “We are delighted to support Children with Cancer UK in their 30th year. We have huge respect and admiration for the compassionate and innovative work that they do to support families affected by childhood cancer. We will continue to support their incredible work and the ground-breaking research they have facilitated to help more children with cancer.”


Since April 2017, our Chosen Charity has been The British Lung Foundation – the only UK charity looking after the nation’s lungs.

Alison Cook, Director of Communications at BLF says:
“Every five minutes, one person dies of lung disease and five more are diagnosed. It’s shameful that over the past decade the number of people dying from a lung condition remains as high as it was a decade ago. Despite this, respiratory health has never received the attention it deserves from the NHS and other public health bodies. Our partnership with 72Point has helped to raise vital awareness of lung disease and the need to tackle the current neglect of lung conditions affecting 12 million people across the UK.

Esther Kuku, Head of Media for the BLF said:
“We’ve had a wonderful year working with 72Point. It’s been great to see stories about the need to tackle lung disease in a wide variety of media outlets. The team have helped us to successfully raise the profile of lung disease through creative media tactics. They can be relied upon to come up with quirky out of the box campaign ideas that both align with an organisation’s objectives and translate in to mass media coverage. They are a professional team to work with and we would highly recommend them.”

The four pro bono projects achieved the following results for British Lung Foundation in 2017/18:

77 pieces of coverage | 2.6 million estimated coverage views | 1,756 social shares

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Charity of the Year Case Study:


A bead for each step: Our video project, in collaboration with Children With Cancer UK, places the spotlight on Ted’s incredible story, emphasising how he uses Beads of Courage to symbolise the steps to his recovery. The project raised awareness of not only Ted’s battle with the illness, but also Children With Cancer’s key messaging of seeking to improve survival rates in young cancer patients.