News Generation

News generation is a creative way to keep your brand name on the news agenda and in the public eye. It is a growing element of the PR market that has become a daily staple for newspapers, both print and digital.

We craft our creative ideas into multi-platform news stories in the form of news content, video and visuals as well as radio and broadcast campaigns that are highly relevant and shareable on social media.

Adding news generation to your campaign boosts ROI by three times on average and makes other media in your campaign work harder.


High-impact News Campaigns and Content Generation

News generation and our news story creation services help to build momentum and positions you as a brand that demands attention. Our news content and campaigns always reach the exacting standards of national news desks.

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News Generation Case Studies:


Our project for British Corner Shop uncovered the foods that British expats are having shipped across the world, landing an impressive show of coverage in The Sun, Mirror, Mail Online, Independent and a page lead in The Metro.

To give the project an interesting dimension, we used sales data from British Corner Shop to uncover the products which were selling best. Thankfully the products which topped the list were either delightfully British or strangely unexpected, making for an insightful story.