Media Distribution

The quality of the content distributed via our news wire is trusted by news titles around the world.

Thanks to our 40-year heritage as part of the SWNS Media Group and our ability to produce content with mainstream media appeal, our confidence in our creative work is backed up by a solid guarantee of coverage.

Our experience in media relations will help ensure a service you’re proud of.

Cross-Platform Media Distribution

Our compelling and news-ready creative content lands daily across prominent platforms including The Telegraph, The Sun, The Independent, MailOnline, UNILAD and LadBible as well as many other top news sites and publications..

We create, distribute and land the content, and remember – your coverage is guaranteed.

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Media Distribution Case Studies:


ChannelMum has achieved great coverage at Halloween with 72Point and in 2017, they wanted to go big. 72Point’s unique position inside of the media means that their projects benefit both the brand and the publisher. This project combined national news with a ChannelMum poll, which revealed the Halloween costumes that mums find unacceptable for their kids. The project achieved 42 pieces of national coverage in newspapers such as Daily Mail, Metro, as well as news sites and parenting websites, reaching an online readership of 6.53 billion.