Radio Days

Radio ensures massive audience reach and we never target stations with an audience of less than 50,000.

We secure coverage on top radio stations including BBC Radio 4, Sky Radio and regional BBC channels introduce your brand to this vast audience with high quality, targeted PR campaigns.

We guarantee 10-12 radio opportunities per project and a listenership of 1M.

National and Regional Radio Public Relations

Over 90% of UK adults still tune in to the radio every week.

We can help your brand engage this vast audience with high-quality, targeted radio campaigns. Our Broadcast Team provide robust research and, where required, professional brand ambassadors and spokespeople to deliver impactful coverage on national and regional stations.

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Radio Days Case Studies:


Sky Mobile’s campaign looked at how easy it is to sign up for a direct debit – and then forget about it – not realising the money is still going out of your bank account. The aim was to make consumers aware of Sky Mobile’s rolling data plan for mobile phones. The research included regional statistics, making the story more attractive to local broadcasters. The campaign was a great success, with 17 opportunities, 4 national broadcasters and a total reach of over 7.5 million listeners.