Broadcast PR

Our PR strategists understand the media landscape better than anyone else, allowing us to provide opportunities to hijack the news agenda across digital and traditional channels.

This includes a number of broadcasting formats, such as radio, video and television.

Strategy-Led PR Services Covering Digital and Traditional Broadcasting Channels

Over 90% of UK adults tune in to radio every week. We can help you reach this audience with our creative and targeted radio campaigns.

Visual histories

As TV journalists and broadcasters, we understand what makes a good visual story. As such, television is one of our greatest strengths. Video is one of the most popular mediums for news gathering online and is an extremely effective way of reaching an audience.

Producing engaging videos using state-of-the-art cameras & in-house teams is what makes our video production services stand apart.

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Broadcast PR Case Studies:

To launch Meningitis Awareness Week 2018, we worked with Meningitis Research Foundation on an integrated campaign, spanning a wide spectrum of media outlets with multiple pieces of activity.


The campaign – which included a PR survey, news generation and quiz assets – looked into the number of Brits who are unaware of the vaccinations they have had, landing national news coverage in The Sun, Mirror, Mail and mass-readership site UniLAD. A radio day sell in and TV sell in also raised awareness of parent’s concerns around being able to properly identify their child’s symptoms.

The wider project also achieved 23.8 million total reach, spanning major Broadcast networks such as Sky Sunrise, BBC Radio, TalkRadio, BBC North East, ITV West Country, Sky Sunrise.