Lyst wanted to conduct comprehensive research into the denim trends and visualise the data they already have on search trends, how they’ve developed and adapted over time and what are the most popular current styles. They were looking to present the data to consumers in a digestible and easy-to-follow format.


Using Lyst’s data on 60 million denim related queries over the last 12 months, we created a visual denim report, featuring photography and video content of the breakout denim trends.

The interactive platform visualised the change in trends over the last 10 years as well as global insight and a look at the weird and wonderful shareable denim styles such as ‘Janties’.

We also carried out research to power a news story to promote the micro-site, revealing that denim is now more acceptable workplace attire.


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The Jeans/Denim category on Lyst's website saw a traffic increase of 40% following the launch of the campaign


The denim campaign was a proven hit with the media, earning exposure in 125 pieces of coverage, 16 SEO links and 5.43 million coverage views. We created an impressive integrated campaign which involved multiple elements and teams and a highly complex platform to inform on the latest denim trends.

Our outreach included UK & US consumer insight as well as iconic celebrity denim moments for lifestyle appeal.


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