By Lisa Malyon

72Point has been flexing its CSR muscles this month, with the successful launch of Oxfam’s Second Hand September initiative – encouraging Brits to sign up to 30-days of buying second-hand, instead of new. The hard-hitting behaviour change campaign reached over 10 million consumers via national TV and radio (6m), print (1.95m) and online (2.6m) coverage, and resulted in a great big spike in people making the pledge.

Having already undertaken primary research revealing the shocking stats about the environmental impact of fast fashion, Oxfam enlisted the support of 72Point to ask consumers how the stats made them feel when it comes to fast fashion, and if they would change their behaviour. If you were told that buying a new white shirt is as bad for the environment as driving 35 miles, would you think twice about buying it? A massive third of all Brits said that although they were shocked about the impact their fast fashion purchases have on the planet, they probably won’t change their habits. The study of Brits also found the average adult spends £27 a month in fast fashion outlets and two items are currently owned which remain unworn.

The shocking fact is that every week 11 million items of clothing end up in landfill – with many of them being still wearable – and every minute two tonnes of clothing is bought, producing nearly 50 tonnes of carbon emissions. We, as consumers, must change the way we act. Join us in doing so, and make the pledge today – it’s never too late.




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