Recipe Boxes - The New Way To Cook?

By Marketing Assistant Apprentice Julien Kirkpatrick

In the last couple of years, the recipe box industry has burst onto the scene, getting more and more public attention, and revolutionising the way people are cooking. Time-poor professionals are replacing lengthy processes of shopping for ingredients and crafting recipes with the simplicity of having everything sent directly to their door in one neat box.

We conducted research to take a deeper look at the booming industry.

Our insights revealed that over half of respondents are signing up for recipe boxes to receive new recipes, and broaden the horizons of their culinary skills. In such a fast-moving world, slowing down to try and cook proper meals is virtually impossible, so traditional cooking has become less common.

And people want things quick. Waiting is something people quite frankly don’t have time to do. Forty-three percent of respondents said they would cook more at home if they just had the time, currently making an average of three meals per week. The convenience factor of having everything you need for dinner sent to your door in a neat package is what’s driving this industry, as with many others, and enticing consumers.

When changing to a recipe box meal-plan, the main thing that comes to people’s minds is cost. Are recipe boxes more expensive than going to a supermarket and picking the food yourself, or going to your local takeaway? This is one of the reasons why the price of the recipe box is an important consideration with potential customers, with 57% deeming it the most prominent factor in their decision-making process.

The recipe boxes market has become quite saturated, with there now being nine “main” companies dominating the market. Some of which are better- known than others, with Hello Fresh the most well-known according to our poll.


With it being such a saturated market the number of people trying them is increasing day-by-day. There is a high possibility that people might want to try different services to see if they like one better than another, with 60% of respondents to our poll trying more than one recipe box and 41% trying three or more.

Word of mouth was a key driver for potential customers trying boxes out, with 28% admitting that being recommended by family and friends had motivated them to try a recipe box service. And if happy with their service, these customers will be loyal with 70% committing to more than six months and the average length of commitment being 8.5 months.

One thing’s for sure, the industry is waiting for a powerhouse to creatively dominate the landscape and position themselves as forward-thinking, solution providers to all of these concerns. Who will that be?

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