PR Surveys

PR Surveys

Together with OnePoll, we run PR surveys to generate branded national news stories.

Research is an incredibly effective tool for enhancing brand awareness and we are leaders when it comes to survey-based news.

As part of our PR Survey service, our in-house team of trained journalists will identify your survey angle, compile the questionnaire, host the survey and collate the data.

If you opt for our full survey and sell-in ‘Package’ we can also write your news copy around the results – and distribute your story online and to the national press…we can even rewrite your copy for radio!

We’re pretty fast too. Our polling partner can survey and collate the results of 2,000 people within 24 hours.

We have access to a highly engaged panel ready to answer surveys online, and we can question specific demographic groups – specialist panels include MumPoll, YoungPoll, SilverPoll and ExecPoll.

Want to ask the opinions of dog owners, find the political persuasion of pensioners, or compare the grooming habits of men and women? We can provide the panel, the questions, the answers, and a news story with your name on it.

Ask us about our full survey and sell-in service ‘The Package’ or choose from our ‘Pick n Mix’ range of PR survey services. Our design team can also transform your survey results into a stunning infographic.


Thanks to 72Point, our app 'Celebalike' has knocked Angry Birds off its perch!  The publicity from 72Point resulted in multiple mentions in print and online – the highlight was a five minute discussion on 'That Sunday Night Show' with Adrian Chiles.

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