Dad Skills

Bob the Builder



Client: Bob the Builder
Date: 6th October 2016

Project overview

Being calm during family arguments and the ability to drive while constantly distracted are among the key ‘Dad Skills’ every father should have.

They top a list of 50 ‘Dad Skills’ which each dad should have mastered by the time their little one reaches the teenage years – including fitting loose bicycle chains, replacing batteries and plastering holes in walls.

The chart, compiled following a study of 2,000 dads, also includes putting up bunk beds, flying kites and making a good bacon sarnie.

Other essential skills include fixing toys, repairing bike punctures, tying ties and blowing up balloons.

Being handy remains a big part of being a dad, as removing toys from tough packaging, setting up TV’s and Wi-Fi, and building tricky playsets are all voted as key to being a good dad.

While dependable dads are also relied on to keep confidences, double checking nothing has been left behind and always being around to tell bad jokes.