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Visual storytelling

Behind every successful video is a great story

We produce content-rich video to support your media campaign. Our videos help to illustrate a story, increase media ‘pick up’, encourage shares and ultimately reach more people.

Our highly specialised team produce engaging videos, using state-of-the-art cameras. Our video services including Online Video Production & Web Content. Our highly-specialised Broadcast Journalists come up with creative content and produce video that web editors want to use. We also produce highly-polished, professional and motivating corporate videos to support your PR strategy.


Client: Hillgate PR
Project: The Perfect Sunday for Harvey’s Furniture

72Point worked on an integrated campaign for Harveys Furniture which looked what would be included in the nation’s perfect Sunday.

A roast dinner was also listed as one of the most desirable components. In light of this, we accompanied the story with a video showcasing tips for achieving Sunday lunch perfection.


We produce B-roll footage and provide expert advice on how to use it. Our Broadcast Team source spokespeople, influencers and sound bites from key contributors to produce effective B-roll footage that can maximise coverage on TV.

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