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Working Animals Around the World


We supported SPANA (Society For The Protection Of Animals Abroad) in September 2017 with a radio campaign.


SPANA’s mission is to improve the welfare of working animals in the world’s poorest communities. They do this through treatment, training and teaching. The aim of the project was to highlight the plight of working animals abroad and compare this to the luxury we offer our pets in the UK. SPANA was calling on dog owners and animal lovers in the UK to support animals overseas that aren’t so fortunate and to help improve their health and wellbeing.


The Project

We were tasked with securing radio interviews for SPANA Chief Executive, Geoffrey Dennis on Friday 29th September 2017, ahead of World Animal Day on Wednesday 4th October 2017. Research was conducted by OnePoll with 2,000 dog owners that looked into ‘’Pampered Pets’’. The top line showed that owners fork out more than £18,000 on average over their pet’s lifetime.  This cost figure was designed as a shock tactic to illustrate how much people are willing to spend on their own animals; in contrast, SPANA provides free veterinary treatment to working animals in developing countries and requires donations to support this.


What we did

We created a broadcast pitch from the research and 72 Point’s tabloid and broadsheet press releases, picking out the best headlines and story angles that we thought would be of particular interest for broadcast. We drafted tailored regional releases from the research data for 12 regions in the UK, which we knew would help secure coverage and pulled out 5 top line regional stats for Geoffrey and for journalists.



The main challenge was the time given to sell-in:  just two days before the delivery date. Whilst it is not impossible with less than a week to sell in, a shortage of time can potentially impact on coverage as shows fill up ahead of time.

The second challenge was having just one spokesperson which can be challenging logistically.   


The Outcome

We were able to secure sixteen opportunities including 4 national opportunities, with Sky News Radio, BFBS, RNIB Connect and talkRADIO. The rest were a good mix of some big commercial stations, several BBC regional interviews and some smaller commercial stations that were great for a longer, more branded chat. The campaigns key messages were monitored across all interviews and Geoffrey was successful in conveying them to broadcasters as well as regionalising interviews for stations.   The success of the campaign was highlighted by the number of people driven towards the website from where they could find out more information about SPANA and ways in which they could contribute and donate.