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The Snoozeliner



Client: Simba
Date: Dec 12 2017


28 pieces of coverage
1,390,000 coverage views
38,917 social reach

Project overview

The Brief

Simba wanted media exposure that highlighted that fact that all of their products are developed through a high-tech lens. Simba needed national and regional coverage of a prototype story that positioned the brand as one that would raise the bar in 2018.

The Idea

Simba created the solution to everyone’s night bus woes for the Christmas party season: The Snoozeliner, with personalised pods, single beds rather than seats (with Simba mattresses) and everything party-goers need to keep them well-rested, recovered and ever-ready for upcoming Christmas events. All that Simba needed now was to make this regional story travel nationally.

The Result

72Point delivered mass coverage for the Simba Snoozeliner, reaching almost 30 national publications, over 130 regional publications and achieving a social media reach of over 38,000. The Snoozeliner campaign successfully reached Simba’s target audiences with measurable results, showing that good stories really do travel.