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Client: Rescue Remedy
Date: 4th August 2017

Project overview

Waiting around for your other half causes 30 arguments a year, a survey has found.

Millions admitted to regularly falling out with their partner because a lack of organisation and leaving things to the last minute means they are often left hanging around for their other half.

And it’s usually women who are to blame with disorganisation meaning they are more likely to be the ones late for appointments, meetings with friends, work and even a wedding.

But when it comes to holidays, the opposite is true with men leaving their packing to the last-minute while women start it days before their departure date.

The poll, by Rescue Remedy, also revealed women allow more time to travel to the airport and check in earlier than men.

A spokesman for Rescue Remedy, said: “For many couples, they will be familiar with the scenario of one of them waiting around for the other one, who is still getting ready.

“But this can result in both of you being late – something those who are organised will hate.”

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