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Micro Stress



We were tasked with securing top-tier broadcast coverage for Vodafone on a campaign about Brits struggling to control micro-stresses in their lives.  The campaign had its challenges, but the outcome was 17 broadcast interviews, including BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast and BBC Radio 4’s “You & Yours” consumer programme.

The Project

The micro-stress campaign, commissioned by V for Vodafone, was linked to several products that can make everyday tasks less stressful for Brits. The topline, which was used as the main stat for broadcasters,  was that we are spending the equivalent of 27 days a year suffering from ‘micro-stresses’. There was also a list of the top 15 ‘stress triggers’.

The spokespeople on offer included Vodafone’s Kate Wright and Dr David Lewis, a psychologist and stress expert.  

What we did

  • Research
  • Story creation
  • Drafting of tailored press releases
  • Liaised with Vodafone and broadcast journalists throughout the sell-in
  • Secured extensive coverage across UK national and regional radio meeting and exceeding clients’ key target


There was less than a week to sell the story in, so it was a matter of getting it in broadcast planning diaries as soon as possible. The story was also quite commercial, and being from a brand as big as Vodafone, some broadcasters such as the BBC were unsure of it.  Despite these doubts there was Vodafone branding and key messages in each interview, including the national and regional BBC interviews!.


We exceeded client expectations, with a total of 17 broadcast interviews on the day. Highlights included BBC Radio 5 Live Breakfast, BBC Radio 4’s “You & Yours” and Sky News Radio. The total weekly reach of the campaign was 25 million, with a daily reach of 3.6 million UK listeners.