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Heimlich Manoeuvre

Thorax Medical Journal



Client: Thorax Medical Journal
Date: April 12 2017

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The Brief

Leading medical journal Thorax needed to raise the profile of a potentially life-saving version of the Heimlich maneuver that you can use on yourself.

The Idea

To ensure the mass-coverage of this important video, the 72Point team distributed the story to all national and regional news sites and used digital media outreach to maximise the reach of the story online.

The Result

News of the maneuver was picked up by major publications including The Mirror, The Telegraph, Daily Mail, The Sun as well as mass-readership news sites including The Independent and the UK’s leading health information provider NetDoctor.com.

People who start choking should perform the Heimlich manoeuvre on themselves to save their own life.

Using a chair or their own arm, adults can generate enough pressure to dislodge something stuck in their airways, doctors claim.

The former method is even more effective than being given the standard treatment from a first-aider, a study found.

It is even safe for pregnant women to do, who have to be given a modified version of the life-saving technique to avoid harming the foetus.

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