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Client: Future You
Date: April 15 2018


155 pieces of coverage
1,920,000 coverage views
130,970 targeted audience

Project overview

The Brief

Future You wanted a story angle to drive sales of their turmeric plus supplement and boost the SEO of their website. They gave us creative license on the content we created for the story, however the key messaging had to highlight the conditions that turmeric treat and the USP’s of their product.

Our Response

Our specialist Broadcast Team produced a video asking members of the public to identify a piece of turmeric and getting them to try a shot, while our creative department devised a newsworthy survey angle, finding the top 50 signs of getting old. 

The Results

The project had a dedicated social media outreach, reaching a carefully targeted audience interested in the client, their wares, the competitors etc. On top of this, our widespread media coverage established them as leading providers of turmeric supplements, landing in print publications Metro, Daily Star and Daily Express, with 155 total pieces of coverage, placing their brand at the heart of national conversations. 



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Hindustan Times
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Coventry Live
Deccan Chronicle
Devvon Ville
Future You Daily Express p.8
Future You Daily Star p. 15
Future You Metro p. 6


Print Coverage

The Metro
The Daily Star
The Daily Express

Digital Coverage

Yahoo Movies 
The Independent 
The Sun 
The Mirror 

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