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Generous Nation


Client: TPO
Date: April 2018

Project overview

72Point supported TPO Mobile (The People’s Operator) in April 2018 with a radio campaign.


TPO Mobile’s campaign focused on how generous the British public is, or considers itself to be.   The aim was to make consumers aware of TPO Mobiles’ programme whereby a percentage of an individual’s  monthly phone bill can be donated to a charity of their choosing.

Good regional research breakdown ensured the story was of interest to broadcasters across the UK.   The campaign was a great success, with 16 opportunities, 2 national broadcasters and a total reach of over 5 million listeners.


The Project

We were tasked with securing radio interviews for Sam Tillotson, CEO of TPO, and Laura Roberts, a Charity Project Manager. Research was conducted by OnePoll with 2000 people questioned across 11 regions of the UK asked about their charitable donations, how they think charities are run and where their donations go.  


What we did

  • Research
  • Story creation
  • Drafting of tailored press releases
  • Liaised with TPO Mobile and broadcast journalists throughout the sell-in
  • Secured extensive coverage across UK national and regional radio meeting and exceeding clients’ key target


One huge challenge was a recent story regarding Oxfam workers abusing their status in areas abroad. This had put distrust in charities amongst the public, a viewpoint that TPO were attempting to quash with their programme.

Another challenge was spokesperson availability, as Laura could not make a London Live interview early in the morning, resulting in a missed opportunity.


The Outcome

We secured 16 total radio opportunities, including Sky News Radio and talkRADIO nationally, with two regional BBC’s in Newcastle and Merseyside. A further 12 commercial, regional stations helped to make the combined reach figure for all of these stations 5,218,000.