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Direct Debits


Client: Sky Mobile
Date: March 2018

Project overview

72Point supported Sky Mobile in March 2018 with a radio campaign.


Sky Mobile’s campaign looked at how easy it is to sign up for a direct debit – and then forget about it – not realising the money is still going out of your bank account.    The aim was to make consumers aware of Sky Mobile’s rolling data plan for mobile phones. The research included regional statistics, making the story more attractive to local broadcasters.   The campaign was a great success, with 17 opportunities, 4 national broadcasters and a total reach of over 7.5 million listeners.

The Project

We were tasked with securing radio interviews for Jasmine Birtles, a personal finance expert and journalist representing Sky Mobile. Research was conducted by OnePoll with 2000 people across 11 regions of the UK asked about their direct debit habits and how they make their money go further.

What we did

  • Research
  • Story creation
  • Drafting of tailored press releases
  • Liaised with Sky Mobile and broadcast journalists throughout the sell-in
  • Secured extensive coverage across UK national and regional radio meeting and exceeding clients’ key target


Broadcasters’ default position is to reject stories for big brands as being too commercial,  and this is especially so when the company behind the story is associated with another broadcaster.   Having a third party spokesperson is essential. Jasmine Birtles, herself a former broadcast journalist, is well known as a personal finance expert and so added credibility to the story.   

The Outcome

We secured 17 total radio opportunities, including Sky News Radio, talkRADIO, BBC Radio Scotland and a further three regional BBCs. 11 regional stations, including LBC and Magic London, helped to make the combined reach figure for all of these stations 7,557,000.