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British Lung Foundation


Client: British Lung Foundation
Date: Apr 4 2018

The Brief

This is the last pro-bono project for British Lung Foundation, our 2017/18 Charity of the Year.  We have been working with BLF to support their awareness raising and policy work around the need to protect the nation’s lungs. To maximise the level of national coverage for this project, BLF needed a lateral approach to raising the discussion of lung disease which engaged as many people as possible, without being too on-the-nose as a highly politicised issue.

The Idea

Our Creative Team came up with an idea that focused on breathlessness, which provided a suitable platform for one of BLF’s top spokespeople to comment on the issue from the perspective of someone suffering from lung disease. British Lung Foundation’s high policy themes were underpinned in an engaging way via an accompanying video which allowed Brits to experience what it is like to feel breathless. Our Broadcast Team set up an exercise bike in a busy area and challenge volunteers to ride it as hard as they can for two minutes. The tweak to the formula was that they wore an altitude training mask – which simulates high altitudes by restricting levels of oxygen – for the extra challenge.

The Results

This project was a Breakthrough Package, combining news copy, video, content marketing and our highly-targeted social media outreach service, resulting in fantastic national coverage across top news sites including The Independent, UNILAD, The Sun, Yahoo, The Scotsman and MENAFN, as well as print coverage in The Sun, The Mirror, The Daily Star and Daily Record and tens of thousands of views across various social media platforms. This successfully supported British Lung Foundation’s national campaign around lung disease in the UK, by propelling the issue into the national media in an engaging and accessible way.

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