Technology PR

Our multimedia content solutions work to engage the next generation of consumers with the values, principles and USP of your technology products and services.

Our pioneering and integrated, content-led approach to public relations helps to enhance your brand reputation within the technology sector and position you at the forefront of new and emerging technology trends. Whether you are building a new brand, launching a lifestyle essential or working to shift audience perception, we work to complement marketing efforts with PR content and coverage that supports your company goals. Our clients include AirBnB, Beko, EE and Canon.

Bespoke Public Relations Solutions for the Technology Industry

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Technology PR Case Studies:


Mobile transfer app Pingit came to us seeking national exposure of their service, which allows users to easily send cash to each other. After creatively brainstorming around the topic, we decided to focus on the angle of friends sending each other money, surveying the British public to find out just how many ‘true friends’ they think they have, and what they would do for them. The project landed an impressive spread of national coverage, in The Mirror, Express, Record, Independent and Sun, achieving 24 total pieces of coverage.