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We can advise on social media strategy and provide all the tools to grow your social media channels and help you grow social media communities promoting your brand.

Over 88% of brands are now marketing on social media and we are on hand to help expand your reach through targeted PR campaigns. With 91% of social media users using mobile devices to access their accounts, 72Point can offer a wide range of PR assets to grab people on their busy social media feeds.

Grow Your Social Media Channel

We can use 72Point branded social media channels to promote your social media content as a traffic funnel for clients’ website, boost your social media channels and help you communicate directly and in an entertaining way with new target audiences.

We can distribute content as well as using paid promotion to reach niche target demographics and the potential customers brands want to speak to on social media.


Talking Point Videos

Mama Mio challenged 72Point to deliver a campaign that generated mass awareness for the brand, positioning them as an authority on pregnancy related topics as well as driving traffic to the brand’s website and product sales.


72Point filmed a hidden camera investigative video with one of the UK’s most prominent parenting vloggers Anna Whitehouse founder of Parenting Blog, Mother Pukka.

Anna donned a fake pregnant belly and we found out how many people really give their seat for a pregnant woman in a packed train carriage.

The project was a category building initiative for Mama Mio to raise awareness of the struggles many pregnant women face on a daily basis, positioning the brand as an authority on pregnancy and building brand trust with target consumers.

The video is still being shared on social media and got people talking on social media as well as newspaper columns and radio.


Social Experiments

72 Point were tasked with delivering a ‘wow’ moment to promote a pioneering new pre-school show on CBeebies, Bitz and Bob. The series is the first of its kind to promote STEM subjects, especially engineering, to a pre-school audience using a strong female lead.


Our research into how children perceive different careers in very gendered ways made 148 pieces of coverage with 1.43 million coverage views.

And an interesting – and very cute – social experiment we filmed in a primary school was viewed over half a million times on Facebook alone.

We brought in five people from different walks of life (a female engineer, a male ballet dancer, a female bus driver, a female computer technician and a male nanny) and asked the children to guess which person fits into which profession, highlighting how young children begin to form stereotypes on which genders specifically fit certain job roles.

Our project delivered mass coverage for a brand new TV show while carrying important key messages, serving as a widespread conversation starter.



72Point created a video with Love Island’s bride and groom to be Olivia Buckland & Alex Bowen, who gave us their Hen & Stag do’s & don’ts which they shared with their 1.4 million Instagram followers, in a campaign for, including a news generating survey which explored British Hen & Stag Dos.


The project was a resounding success, landing digital coverage in The Sun, Mirror and Daily Star as well as hits in other mass-readership sites, with the video achieving over 700,000 views on their Instagram channels.



For Carpetright we delivered a social media and news generation campaign to drive traffic to their website and reach house owners.


72Point utilised the latest developments in interactive video for Youtube and Facebook to create a fun interactive video where viewers had to guess who owned the house from clues.



Twirlywoos needed a national campaign to promote a new dancing dad toy before Christmas. Our social media campaign put their doll centre stage.


The branded Dad Dancing competition 72 Point built for the children’s programme brought unprecedented social media traffic to their Facebook page where people could upload videos of dad dancing, as well as on other social media with a hashtag.

The campaign was accompanied by a piece of news generation that revealed the age that the average British man becomes a Dad Dancer and revealed a charming list of Top 10 songs that never fail get dads showing off their moves.

The story went around the world on social media and the news reached an online readership of 549 million, even inspiring a classic Will Ferrell moment on Good Morning America.

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