We’re a top 10 consumer pr agency that provides unique creative and unrivalled media distribution for some of the biggest brand and we deliver.

We provide PR services to our clients in order to secure both quality of content and quantity of coverage, taking a content-driven approach which contains key messaging, retains brand values and builds identity on the leading edge of the news agenda.

Bespoke PR campaign to publicise your brand

In a world where attention spans are now measured in thumb-swipes on a mobile, we know how to cut-through the blur of competition and deliver public relations campaigns with media headlines that make people stop, think and engage.

We advise on proactive (and reactive) news stories across consumer, business and trade publications, regional titles and broadcast. Doing so provides your brand with tactical solutions to drip feed the media with public relations content across all channels or to launch an enduring national campaign. We instinctively know what news editors are looking for in terms of branded content that engages their audiences, creating and delivering a suite of assets that work for both brand and publisher.

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Public Relation Services

News Generation is a creative way to keep your brand name on the news agenda and in the public eye. It is a growing element of the PR market that has become a daily staple of newspapers, both print and digital.

Thanks to our 40-year heritage as part of the SWNS Media Group and our ability to produce content with mainstream media appeal, our confidence in our creative work is backed up by a solid guarantee of national or international media coverage.

We guarantee follow links on a minimum of at least two top 10 rated news sites with a Domain Authority of above 90, which is unrivalled in the market. We add a social media element to our digital projects to meet Google’s shift towards ‘social signals’ and guarantee a broad range of regional and international coverage through our syndication partnerships.

We use our own channels alongside yours to increase social media traction and generate highly targeted campaigns for specific groups of people with measurable results.

We can craft a content marketing strategy that identifies where your target audience exists and the best methods and channels to reach them.

Our PR Strategists understand the media landscape better than anyone else, allowing us to provide opportunities to hijack the news agenda across digital and traditional channels.

With access to the online community belonging to market research giants OnePoll, we are in a unique position to put consumer insight and public opinion at the heart of your product.