5 Top Tips To Running Social Media PR Campaigns

72Point has strengthened its social presence significantly over the past year, now commanding 385,000 likes across a variety of pages, achieving 15.7m reach and 3.45m engagement in the last month alone.

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Social media PR is an integral part of any brand’s marketing mix, providing the nuts and bolts of strategies geared towards engaging consumers.To fully maximise their impact, you must meet users with content that is geared towards social, with factors such as virality, engagement, shareability and visual pull all playing an integral part in running a winning social media campaign. 

Here’s our 5 top tips: 

1) Think Social First 

For any campaign to truly leave its mark on the social media landscape, the creative idea must be thought out with social in mind first. In this day-and-age of multi-platform campaigns and content that can thrive across various outlets, it can be easy to allow social to fall by the wayside when thinking of what channels to target. It shouldn’t be an afterthought or bolt-on to an existing campaign, social should be where you start and the content created should be powerful enough to dovetail with all other channels including digital and print media. 

 2) Visual Works

Social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter are ruthless battlegrounds for content where the contest is won and lost with the swipe of a thumb. Your content must be battle-ready. How can you ensure this? Think visual, think striking, think attention-grabbing. Visual concepts can portray information and retain attention in equal measure. 

3) Know Your Enemy 

Each social media platform has a different audience, different interfaces and different purposes. You’ve got to know what platform you’re targeting and tailor your content accordingly. For example, blogs work well on LinkedIn, images and videos perform well on Instagram and quick updates/nuggets of information work well on Twitter. Make sure you carefully consider which platform your content is looking to target and the audience you’re looking to reach.

4) Be Fireproof and Flexible

Sometimes campaigns don’t perform as well as intended. But here’s the good news: that’s OK. Fear not and don’t be deterred. Social media gives everyone, anywhere the power to publish content which means your campaign can get lost in the sea. Be prepared for things not to go to plan and be ready to make subtle tweaks to campaigns during the process. If a certain piece of content isn’t being engaged with, use or make another one. If posting at a certain time of day isn’t getting sufficient eyeballs, try another. You’ve got to be flexible to reap the rewards of an ever-changing hub. 

5) Be Bold

Social media honors the brave. Stories and posts that are slightly controversial encourage talkability, get discussed more and therefore are shared more within social circles.  Who knows, if your campaign is effective enough, it may even benefit from the Morgan Multiplier, or be talked about by another influencer. If you can create something that gets mentioned by a celebrity, then not only have you unlocked the reach of their following, you’ve also most probably got an easy route to other forms of media. Fortune favours the brave.



By Geo Craig