CSR specialist Lisa Malyon joins 72Point

Award-winning CSR specialist Lisa Malyon joins 72Point, supporting our vision of supporting more household name brands with campaigns that engage audiences and tackle today’s biggest issues.

72Point is a top 20 consumer agency that provides unique creative and unrivalled distribution for some of the biggest brands such as British Airways, Virgin Media, Sky and Lyst.

We also have a strong Corporate Social Responsibility record and provided over £140,000 of pro-bono PR support in 2018 to charities including Children with Cancer UK, British Lung Foundation, Social Enterprise UK and Young Epilepsy as part of our annual Charity of the Year initiative.

The addition of award-winning entrepreneur, active campaigner and PR agency owner Lisa Malyon to our team will bolster our talent for delivering PR campaigns that create positive change, for long-term brand benefit.

Managing Director Chris Pharo said: “Lisa’s talents ensure we deliver more engaging campaigns and viral stories that direct the nation’s conversations and support our clients’ CSR objectives.”

Malyon said: “My belief is that every business has the capacity and budget to deliver a CSR campaign that will impact others whilst impacting the bottom line, and I’m keen to challenge anyone who thinks differently.”

Once synonymous with PR surveys, 72Point has evolved the PR technique of News Generation into the art of engaging the media intelligently, harnessing the power of its unique creative and vast media network to deliver mass exposure for household name brands.

Last year, our media coverage views topped 504 million; our work on the consumer launch of Volkswagen’s partnership with Tesco and PodPoint to create the UK’s biggest free EV charging network secured 455 pieces of coverage in 27 countries.