Buying Houses




Client: TSB
Date: 1st September 2016

Project overview

Having trouble selling your house? You could try painting the front door white.

Research has revealed that’s the door colour that may help increase its chances of a quick sale.

It also helps if you have four bedrooms, four front-facing windows and a front garden with a rose bush and a neatly mown lawn.

The research, commissioned by TSB to celebrate its partnership with Dulux Amazing Space, found that a third of Brits already have every detail of their ideal next home mapped out.

Raj Sahota, Head of Dulux Amazing Space, said: “It doesn’t take much to put someone off a house if you’re trying to sell it.

“The research indicates that Brits are pretty clear on what they’re looking for in a house, and they’re happy to wait it out to find the perfect home.