Liberating Space




Client: Oxfam
Date: 25th August 2016

Project overview

There are so many unworn or unused shoes in British households that put heel to toe in a line they’d stretch all the way round the world.

Piled on top of each other all the CDs and DVDs we don’t listen to or watch would stretch 7,641 miles into space.

Broken down, the average Brit currently owns 53 items of unworn clothing, 36 CDs and DVDs that are never played, and seven pairs of unwanted shoes.

Liberating ourselves of unwanted clutter in our homes could free an entire room, for new uses.

The study, commissioned by Oxfam, exposed the staggering amount of unused stuff the nation own and revealed clothes are most likely to be cluttering up our homes, followed by CDs, books and toys, totalling 143 unused items stashed away in a typical household.