Best Day to Conceive

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Client: Channel Mum
Date: 1st January 2017

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Couples trying for a baby should make love at 10.36pm on January 2 – as it’s the most popular time of the whole year to fall pregnant.

Almost a quarter of parents (23%) want Christmas-conceived babies with 17 per cent already having fallen pregnant previously over Xmas, while a further six per cent plan to this year.

Overall, January 2 is the most popular date to conceive, with 60 per cent of would-be parents making love on this day, the new report from parenting site reveals.

Official figures show the UK’s most common day to be born is September 26 – 38 weeks after January 2, which is the length of the average pregnancy.

Fertility experts have dubbed the date ‘National Baby-Making Day’ as so many couples will try to conceive.

Couples agree January 2 is the top baby-making day as ‘the drinking and partying is over’ and they want to spend time together before returning to work.