Little Lies

Blue Cross



Client: Blue Cross
Date: 10th November 2016

Project overview

“Father Christmas is watching you,” “Carrots will make you see in the dark” and “Your pet has gone to live on a farm” are among the top white lies parents tell their kids.

The top 20 list of little lies that adults use shows that four in five parents have told their offspring something that wasn’t true.

The threat of Father Christmas topped the poll, with 62 per cent of parents employing St. Nick to keep their kids in check.

Second on the list was “We’ll see,” which any kid knows really means “No.”
The poll was conducted by Blue Cross pet charity, who offer advice and guidance to help parents talk openly to children about pet loss as part of their Pet Bereavement Support Service.

Tracie McGrory, Pet Bereavement Support Service Manager, said: “There are lots of different reasons why parents might tell little white lies to their children.