Office Life




Client: Avery
Date: 15th September 2016

Project overview

The average office worker will drink 24,684 cups of tea, fall out with colleagues 479 times and send 400,816 emails during their working lifetime, according to new research.

Over the course of their 47 years as an employee, Brits will arrive to the office late 1,026 times, take 98 days off sick and endure 1,174 meetings.

Those polled will also typically spend a total of five months and three weeks gossiping – and have to cope with 25,539 IT faults.

While respondents will be on the phone for a total of two years and three months, making 158,982 calls during their entire career.

The research of 2,000 office workers was commissioned by Avery UK, ahead of the launch of its new website dedicated to office organisation.

Fiona Mills, Marketing Director at Avery UK said: “It’s fascinating to see just how much people experience throughout their careers.