Not such a close shave- Men being dumped over facial hair

18th January, 2013 in Health & Beauty

One in ten women admit to dumping a guy – because of their facial hair, a study has revealed today.


Researchers have found that millions of women have dumped a partner, or refused to date them, because they refused to shave or trim their beard more often.


And four in ten women also admitted to avoiding kissing or sleeping with a partner if their facial hair was longer or more unruly than they liked.


More than half also insist their other half tackles their stubble or beard before any important event or special occasion they attend together – even if their man is completely happy with their facial hair.


Not surprisingly, 28 per cent of couples have fallen out over their different ideas of what length a man’s facial hair should be.


John Sewell, spokesman for Market Research website, which carried out the research, said: ‘’Facial hair really does seem to be a bone of contention for a lot of women in the UK.


‘’But dumping someone because they haven’t trimmed their beard does seem a little extreme.


‘’Everyone has different tastes so whilst some women may favour some designer stubble, others may love a man with a baby face.


‘’But there is a difference between trendy stubble and an unkempt beard, so it’s important not to look like you just can’t be bothered to shave.’’


The study, of 2,000 Brits found that 55 per cent want their man to be clean-shaven at all times, while 31 per cent are happy with


But it’s not just wives and girlfriends who like their man’s facial hair to be a certain way as 23 per cent of guys also said their employers insist they are clean-shaven at work.


And 58 per cent of those have been warned by their boss or manager about the state of their stubble or beard.


One in five men even think their unruly facial hair at an interview is the most likely reason for missing out on a job or promotion.


Researchers also found that guys prefer being clean-shaven with 52 per cent saying they keep their face fuzz-free.


Another 31 per cent usually have stubble while 10 per cent have a beard or goatee.


But of those who shave or trim their facial hair, 55 per cent do so because they like to be clean-shaven.


Three in ten simply don’t like the feeling of their facial hair being too long, while 26 per cent think it looks more professional.


Sixteen per cent say it’s because their partner doesn’t like their facial hair while 29 per cent reach for the razor when they think it’s looking untidy.


Almost 38 per cent of people only ever shave or trim their facial hair when they really have to, or for a special occasion.


And a staggering 45 per cent admitted to only trimming their facial hair or shaving to keep their other half happy.


The study also showed that the average guy shaves or trims their facial hair 13 times a month, with 29 per cent doing it every single day.


Another one in five do it every other day.


But it doesn’t come cheap with the average guy spending £40.37 each year on razors, blades, shaving gel or beard trimmers, with 38 per cent claiming this is more than they spent a decade ago.


More than three quarters of the men polled also said they find shaving their facial hair a chore.

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