Clueless- men know nothing about their other halves

26th November, 2012 in Lifestyle, Love & Relationships

Millions of blokes are completely clueless about their other half – including body shape, bra size and likes and dislikes, research has revealed. Favourite perfume, date of birth and even eye colour are beyond many men, a study found.

While six out of ten men claim to know their wife or girlfriend ‘very well’, one in four have no idea what size dress she wears.

One in five doesn’t know what size underwear to buy her, while a staggering 12% can’t even remember her date of birth.

As a consequence, four in 10 couples have ended up falling out because the male has forgotten – or never asked – things he should really know.

Gemma Mason, Marketing Manager for Superdrug, which conducted the survey of 1,000 men to launch its new gift guide, said:

“The results of this study are actually quite alarming as there are some basic details men really should know about their partner – in particular eye colour and natural hair colour.

“Fragrance is one of the most popular gifts for women in our stores and while we are delighted to help men identify a scent their partner will love, it’s always good for our store colleagues to have a starting point.

“Men can be forgiven for not knowing their partner’s mobile telephone number off by heart but it’s not difficult to take a look on their dressing table to see which perfume they’re currently using.”

The survey also revealed one in ten men don’t know what their partner’s proper job title is, while a third can’t remember the name of the school she went to.

Dates seem to cause major problems, because as well as forgetting when she was born, a further 35% don’t even remember the date they met.

One in five blokes can’t even name their partner’s best friend, while the same percentage have no idea if his other half suffers from any allergies.

And while 15% of men always buy their women the wrong fragrance, a further 12% of women have returned a gift they didn’t like because their partner clearly didn’t pay any attention.

Shoe size, favourite clothes shop, and even their other half’s natural hair colour also leave men stumped.

Blokes are also clueless when it comes to remembering their partner’s mobile phone number, their middle name or their favourite song or movie.

Researchers found that despite their obvious lack of knowledge for their wife or girlfriend, almost two thirds claim they know their partner ‘very well’.

Another 32% reckon they know them ‘quite well’, but 48% admit they do need to make more effort to get to know the little details about their other half.

A sheepish three quarters say their wife or girlfriend would probably know all of the details about them if they were asked.

In general, 57% of guys admit men are just useless when it comes to remember everyday details about their partner.

Gemma Mason added:

”Christmas shouldn’t be fraught because a woman receives a gift that makes her feel she’s a stranger to her partner.

”This year we’ve gone the extra mile to make it easy for men to find the perfect for their partner.”


% of clueless men
Bra size 39%
Dress size 23%
Favourite perfume 34%
Underwear size 20%
Date of birth 12%
Natural hair colour 11%
Job title 10%
Shoe size 23%
Mobile phone number 54%
Favourite clothes shop 24%
Favourite song 54%
Favourite movie 47%
Name of best friend 18%
Date you got together 35%
Eye colour 16%
Preferred body lotion 53%
Preferred shampoo 38%
Middle name 14%
Name of school 28%
Allergies 20%



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