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18,324 miles around the world- we’re travelling seven times more than our parents did

3rd December, 2012 in Travel & Holiday

The average adult will have travelled more than 18,324 miles around the world by the time they reach 40- almost seven times as far as their own parents did by the same age, research has revealed. A study found on turning 40, the typical adult will have been on at least 13 holidays abroad and another 21 in the UK.

By contrast, at a similar age their parents would have only visited five European countries, clocking up 2,653 miles in the process.

While today’s Brits are travelling to far flung destinations with their families, on average the previous generation travelled only as far as Italy, the poll by British Airways Highlife Magazine found.

The research also revealed travellers today are becoming increasingly adventurous, with seven in ten choosing destinations where they can experience unknown cultures and sights.

Abigail Comber, head of brands at British Airways, which conducted a survey of 1,850 adults to re-launch its inflight magazine ‘Highlife‘ said:

”Knowledge is social currency and has given rise to a new type of traveller, looking to experience a place, not just visit it.

”The ‘Generation Curious’ visitor wants to learn about a country’s customs, food and drink and local people.

”We are seeing a generational change where children, teenagers and young adults are travelling further than their parents; experiencing new cultures and different ways of living.”

The study revealed that forty years ago adults would have taken around five holidays abroad – visiting France, Spain, Germany, Italy and Belgium.

While they would have taken 15 holidays in the UK, this is still six less than modern families today.

Today’s adults have been to at least 13 different countries – including Portugal, Turkey, America and Cyprus.

Four in ten adults claim they now travel more than ever, with 71% of these claiming they can now afford to go abroad.

A further half of Brits want to go on holiday and experience the world before it’s too late, and when reaching their destination six in ten people prefer to stray from typically touristy areas, soaking up some local culture instead.

In addition, eight in ten people love to sample local cuisine, while two thirds like to talk to the people who live locally where possible.

Instead of lounging on the beach all day, seven in ten holidaymakers like to visit all the historical landmarks, while 57% will pay for sight-seeing trips.

In contrast, more than two thirds of adults remember their childhood holidays as being typical ‘bucket and spade’ breaks, with 78% firmly believing they experience more on their holidays now than their parents ever did.

Kerry Smith, editor of Highlife Magazine commented:

”British Airways High Life Magazine has re-launched to respond to the needs of ‘Generation Curious’.

”21st century air travel is about tuning in to all that’s really happening in the world.

”Highlife Magazine will inspire passengers on their journeys of discovery; changing their view in the only way travel can.”

Most common destinations for previous generation by age 40

France 212 miles (Paris)
Spain 785 miles (Barcelona)
Germany 569 miles (Munich)
Italy 889 miles (Rome)
Belgium 198 miles (Brussels)

Most common destinations for average 40 year old today

France 212 miles (Paris)
Spain 785 miles (Barcelona)
Germany 569 miles (Munich)
Italy 889 miles (Rome)
Greece 1485 miles (Athens)
Belgium 198 miles
USA 3663 miles (Washington)
3459 miles (New York)
Canary Islands 1808 miles
Portugal 911 miles
Cyprus 1979 miles
Turkey 1551 miles (Istanbul)
Menorca 815 miles
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