72Point Fun and Games

We’re all familiar with the festive well wishes that are sent by suppliers and clients at this time of year. Be they traditional cards, gifts, ecards or ‘hilarious’ animated santas and elves with personalised faces. This year 72Point decided to do things slightly differently! Thanks to the fabulous work of our in house design studio, […]


Christmas Ads Are Coming To Town

It’s the end of November which obviously means it’s been Christmas ad season for months now. That means that every 10 to 15 minutes we’ve had flaming Christmas puddings, girls and boys dressed to the nines and unrealistically wrapped presents thrust upon our eyes. Every year the nation’s (and the world’s) biggest brands spend thousands […]


Radio Days that deserve capital letters

The Guardian published an article this month, ‘PR radio days are a comfort blanket suffocating our creativity’. It made for interesting reading, and raised some very valid points about poorly executed radio campaigns. In fact, one key observation that “the problem PR people have with radio is that they think about what their clients want […]

72 Point have been an excellent source of national print coverage. This we had expected; for us the great suprise has been the eight radio interviews and one television appearance that their coverage has also directly generated.


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