5 tips for running an international PR survey: a guest post by OnePoll

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Increasingly at OnePoll, we are recognising that PRs are looking for more ways to diversify their stories in order to help achieve the best coverage for their clients, both in print and digital.

Surveys remain an excellent way to generate national news exposure for clients, however, many PRs don’t realise how cost-effective and easy it is to run an international survey in order to generate great news angles.

Here are five things to consider when planning your next (or first) international survey campaign:

1.  Understand your goals

Are you looking to achieve exposure across multiple countries?

Are you looking to generate newsworthy stats comparing countries against each other?

Are you using any of this research for market research in addition to PR?

These questions are key as this will determine the countries you target, the types of questions you ask and how many panelists you need from each country. Understanding your international research goals from the start will ensure you achieve the most out of your spend.

2.  Keep total responses low

The quickest way to blow your budget on an international PR survey is looking to survey thousands of people across all the countries. Understand that a total sample of 1,000 – 2,000 is more than enough for a five to ten country survey. If you have specific countries where you are aiming to push the story e.g. the UK – consider running a separate UK based survey, then in addition 1,000 responses across five to ten other countries.

3. Tailor your questions accordingly 

Lists are very popular in PR surveys. If you are writing list questions, ensure the options are relevant for each country. People in the USA might not know who Kerry Katona is – for example. Understand the different cultures and that how you word your questions for UK research is likely to vary across global markets.

4. Use your questions wisely

Typically, we suggest around 20 questions is ideal to achieve the killer stats you need for your story. If you are going to the additional expense with an international survey, consider each question individually and ensure you are getting the most of your research. Our MRS accredited researchers and account managers are experienced in dealing with international PR surveys and can aid with this.

5. Allow a bit more time

Here at OnePoll, we can turn around a UK nationally representative survey in around 24 hours. However, international research requires more time to write and translate questions, bring in the respondents and generate the reports. OnePoll boasts the quickest international survey product in the industry, so your great story need not wait. Typically allow 5-7 days to conduct an international PR project.

By Kevin Smith,
Operations Director, OnePoll

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