How the marketing world sunk their teeth into Suarez

When I sat down to write this I had a lovely blog about World Cup PR stunts in my head. It was going to start with an ‘England are out, don’t be down, take a look at these’ type vibe but then #bitegate (as I’m affectionately calling it) happened and that went out of the […]


Press re-writes: 5 simple tips

For most PRs, writing a press release is one of the most important parts of the job. A conversation might initially sell the story to the news editor or journalist, but it’s the copy which ends up in the paper. And if the press release or copy isn’t up to scratch, even after the best […]


Calling newsdesks – and how to avoid the number of the beast

It’s the part of the job every PR person hates. You’ve finally had your press release signed off by a very demanding client and you’re now ready to deliver it. All you need to do is ring national newspaper newsdesks and tell them about your story… GULP. Unfortunately, the phone you are about to ring […]

We had great success with our ‘Office Census’ survey for Mars Drinks with coverage in the Telegraph, Mail and Express plus lots online and regionally. We do very well out of OnePoll surveys, the last release achieved 180 pieces of coverage with pieces in the Sun and Star and tonnes of regional papers.

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