So much for the silly season

Well, that was that… ‘Silly season’, by far and away the best time of the year to deliver PR content to the UK’s national newspapers, passed by in a blur of war, death, phone hacking and paedophilia. (By the way, they are not in order of seriousness, they merely read quite nicely in that order). […]


Things you’d never see posted to Facebook

Here at 72Point, us Creatives (basically the survey-news equivalent of Apple geniuses, but better looking) like to head down to the board room every few days, briefs in hand, to conjure up enlightening ideas for you or your client. Each conference tends to follow the same path – we note the key themes of your […]


Why summer is the time to shine on social media

We all know keeping company social channels fresh can be a difficult task. Especially when it comes to finding that relevant, original industry-related content. It’s even more arduous in the summer, with less people in the office keeping tabs on what the PR world is doing. We’re suggesting an easier approach to keeping your social channels updated […]

We were delighted with the results, and the reports look great. Particularly good to see the infographic work out, as it gives the visual coverage which is very important to the client.


Tweet Tweet

  • One in six over-55s has fired off a nude selfie to a partner or lover. Perish the thought (joke),
  • 1 in 3 Brits has emailed or texted a nude selfie, according to & 4 out of 5 staff here have received one ...,
  • Saw a trainspotter this morning, that is by far and away the saddest hobby in the world. FACT,