72Point Celebrates Its First 250k Share Month


Little did we know that a decade on 72Point was more symbolic of the number of online shows we make – three campaigns in September, ironically, had precisely that number of hits. But in many ways extensive media coverage is just one part of our arsenal today – which is why our first quarter of a million share month is massively poignant.

Interactions and engagements have become the currency of the internet today, and we have invested significantly in social media to ensure that “shareability” is at the forefront of everything we do.

The chief reason why is undoubtedly volume. Likes and shares are the equivalent of buying a newspaper in the old days and leaving it in a waiting room or office canteen. The copy shifts from one pair of eyes into a social or professional group of many, putting the content to work by opening networks of like-minded people.

But social media allows you to do much more than just spread the word. Through groups and friendship circles it allows you to talk to the people who really matter to you, and we’re becoming increasingly targeted with every project we do.

Take, for example, the inflatables sanctuary story we ran for Hotels.com. On the one hand the client was delighted by over 30,000 social media interactions to complement almost 3m coverage views, but they were equally delighted that we were able to position their brand in front of people booking a holiday on social media with a nostalgic, light-hearted video that was well targeted.

Soon, social media shares will not only be the currency of the public relations industry but everything else PR firms pertain to now cover. Google now uses social media indicators as a ranking signal, and marketers are flocking to social media in bid to engage consumers rather than just stuff commercialised fluff in their face.

The take-home is that unless social media is at the forefront of your strategy moving forward then you are


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